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Fletcher`s Fabricare Services - Dry CleaningDry Cleaning:

In January 2002, Fletchers replaced its two perchlorethylene (perc) dry cleaning machines with two state of the art hydrocarbon machines.  The change of solvents was a major step environmentally, and it required significant re-training of staff, especially in the pre-spotting of fabrics.  The hydrocarbon solvent is not as aggressive as perc for stain removal, so many fabrics must be treated before being cleaned.  Among the advantages of the hydrocarbon solvent are that it is much gentler on garments, and garments with trims such as sequins and beading can be safely cleaned.  Also, garments come out of the machines with a softer feel, and they often require less finishing – this too is easier on the fabric.

The dry cleaning machines are serviced diligently and regularly – this ensures that the quality of cleaning is high.  One machine is used only for whites and light colored garments, which reduces the risk of dye bleeding or fabric graying.

Once garments are dry cleaned, they are sent to the finishing department to be pressed.  Again, Fletchers has up to date finishing equipment which assists our staff in pressing garments to the highest standards.  Once garments have been finished, they are inspected before they are assembled into orders and bagged.

Fletcher`s Fabricare - Shirt LaundryShirt Laundry:

Our shirt department processes between 400 and 550 shirts each day.  Shirts are washed and processed on top of the line shirt finishing equipment, and our staff do their best to ensure that each shirt meets our standards of cleanliness and finishing.  Buttons are replaced as required, and hand finishing shirt service is available to those customers who request it.

Wet Cleaning:

Fletchers invested in highly specialized wet cleaning equipment manufactured by Miele.  Essentially, wet cleaning is a process that uses water as a solvent in conjunction with soaps, sizings and finishing agents that restore the look and feel of garments.  It is an environmentally friendly process, and it is a viable alternative to dry cleaning for a number of garments.v


Leather cleaning is available!
We do Leather cleaning!

Wedding Dresses:

Cleaning of wedding dresses is highly specialized.
Custom acid-free packaging is available.

Households and Linens:

While Fletchers processes a limited number of household items on site, the majority of linens are sent out to a plant that is set up for handling them.


Fletchers employs a full time seamstress who provides a range of services from repairs to more specialized alterations.  More information and estimates are available.

At Fletchers we stand behind the work  we do.  We do our best to inform customers of any risk involved in the cleaning of garments.  In the case of problems related to the manufacture of garments or fabrics, we will assist our customers in approaching either the retailer or the manufacturer.  In any case where we have made an error we will do our best to resolve the problem to our customers’ satisfaction.  We will utilize the services of the International Textile Analysis Laboratory in the United States in cases where another opinion is required.